Counselling Services for all Life Stages

West Perth, City of Vincent.


The time of adolescence is the second major development period in our lives after childhood. It is the period of becoming an adult; and sometimes, sadly, the expectations and misunderstandings of family, school and society can be the cause of frustration leading to anxiety, worsening relationships, anger and withdrawal.

All this at a time of great physical and sexual changes, creativity, personal and social identity formation; a time when the adolescent’s needs are quite often not really understood, leading to conflict and depression.

Psychoanalytic therapy and counselling can be of great assistance to you and in turn, your family, in helping to locate the stumbling points, resolve differences, and together create a situation of greater mutual understanding in which you can use your energy in more positive and harmonious ways.

The Middle Years

In between adolescence and later life considerations, we have what is sometimes called the “most productive years” of life. Careers, relationships, families and expectations make it the most complex time for our bodies and minds – the integration of these being of major importance if we are going to create a fulfilling and harmonious existence for ourselves and our loved ones.

We have now more information than any time in the past about our potentials and what is necessary for fruitful lifestyles, but still the pressures of work and our social and cultural responsibilities take us away from what we feel is in our best interests.

The latest scientific knowledge in neuroscience and emotions validates psychoanalytic therapy and counselling as being most effective in bringing our lives back into balance, if they have been unfortunately upset by relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression and trauma – some of the common difficulties we can encounter in making our way through life.

Later Life

Lifestyle changes that can happen at the end of a working life are not as easy to resolve as just “looking forward to retirement” might have suggested. The identity and environment changes can leave us dispirited and listless, with the new found “freedom” bringing a despondent state of mind, and a physical feeling of inertia. Sometimes new illnesses and loss of partners can exacerbate this situation.

Psychoanalytic therapy and counselling both have a lot to offer you in the way of looking at your past life as a source of new adventures and associations that can enliven your years to come. A wealth of past experiences can be of great benefit to yourself and others when readjusting your engagement with life and utilizing the changes you have made.