Neil Sullivan

West Perth, City of Vincent

Neil Sullivan, Psychotherapist Counsellor West Perth

What lead me to practice Psychoanalytic Therapy was the notion that consideration of the individual was primary, and through the main process of listening to an individual’s story it became possible to help that person achieve the changes that they desired.

In my previous experience in The Montessori School the motto was, from the child’s perspective, “Help me to do it myself”. There is much the same relationship in psychoanalytic work, allowing you the freedom to follow your thoughts and to see how these thoughts relate to the difficulties you are encountering in the present. The inherent simplicity in this is matched by one of my favourite quotes from Sigmund Freud:

“Being entirely honest with oneself is always a good exercise.”

Neil Sullivan therapistIn our sometimes discordant world, psychotherapy gives you and the therapist a secure space where this honesty to one’s thoughts can be achieved, rather than the usual need to keep troubling experiences, past and present, to yourself. I know that many clients find this liberating, and that inspires my work.

Private practice and work as a visiting psychotherapist at men’s hostels enables me to be in touch with and assist a wide variety of clients with a correspondingly wide variety of needs. This is part of the Community Programs in which members of Psychoanalytic/dynamic Practitioners of Perth, PdPP, are involved.

After starting my Psychoanalytic studies at Churchill Clinic, I graduated from Perth School of Psychotherapy and Counselling and have been working with clients for six years. I find my membership with PdPP and the Western Australian Association of Mental Health, help me keep in touch with a wide variety of personal health issues.